My Path

Malta is an overwhelmingly Roman Catholic, with a church,Saint's shrine, or some church-owned building literally every couple of streets or so [in the vast majority of localities]. I was, unsurprisingly, baptised at the age of 4 days old by my Roman Catholic parents. I was raised within that faith, with all the trimmings of the Virgin Mary's statue with a candle in front of her in the dining room, Sunday mass, and cathecism lessons twice a week from age 4 to age 11 or 12, the church's choir, and even attending a Church school from age 4 to age 15. I'm the 3rd of 4 siblings, with 2 elder siblings - my bro who is 6 yrs older, and my sis who is 2 yrs older, and a younger sister who is 8 years my junior. As a child, I never took things for the truth just because an adult said so. I recall sitting at my desk in school when I was 5, during a Religion lesson [and by religion, i mean Roman Catholic religion lesson.. we had them every day] and being told by the teacher that animals have souls which die when the animal dies, but humans have immortal souls. I remember me thinking 'says who? why? it doesn't make sense". 
During another such occasion ,we were being taught about how Moses came down from Mount Sinai and found the people worshiping false gods. MY reaction, again, was 'who is to say which gods are true and which gods aren't?" I always was more inclined to praying to the Virgin Mary rather than 'God' or 'Jesus' or any of the saints. It never made sense to me that 'God' should be a man. I loved mythology and magic and fairy tales - and was always extremely fond of books.
One fine day, when I was about 8 years old, I found a book in my sister's room - The Truth about Witchcraft Today, by Scott Cunningham. The book belonged to my brother, who had lent it to my sister - whether knowingly or unknowingly, I don't know. I tried to read the first few pages however it was too advanced a level of writing for me to comprehend. Fast forward a few years, and my sister rented The Craft on VHS. I fell in love with the movie, and decided to do some research to fnd out what was true and what wasn't in that movie. This, is when I discovered that my beliefs had a name, and that name was Wicca. Not only that - I also discovered I wasn't the only one on the face of the Planet to believe what I believed! I was around age 10 at that time. I did as much research on the internet as I possibly could. I found Wiccan chatrooms on a chat program called mIRC, and I bought as many books as my restricted budget would allow me to. Eventually, I did a self dedication ritual, in the middle of the night, in my room.
I began to yearn for company as I walked the Wiccan path, so I started looking for locals of similar beliefs. Needless to say, living in such a staunchly Roman Catholic country meant that many were reluctant to come out of the broom closet - but find them I did. I started a chatroom on mIRC called ‪#‎PaganMalta‬.
I was 12 at the time. I organised my first Open Circle at age 13 - we were 8 people in total. Not only was it my first circle with others - but it was the first ritual I led. The open circles led to a study group, which I used to organise twice every fortnight, and on both days I'd cover the same topics as not everyone could attend the study group on the same day [thus the need for the 2 separate sessions]. The Study Group used to be held in cafes, so it was always empowering being in a public space discussing such esoteric topics! Eventually the commitment levels dropped, and people started skipping get togethers, and my schedule was getting busier and busier with school, so I stopped the study group. On that same day that I let the others know that the group would be no more, I met my soul sister beside a street hawker's stall selling hand made jewelry. We recognised one another as Pagans, and that was the start of a new chapter. I started moving away from Wicca, and simply identifying as Pagan. I met new people, and became more and more aware that yes, we truly are everywhere!
Shortly after I turned 18 I took possibly the greatest commitment to my Pagan path - I had my first tattoo done, on my lower back, and it includes a Pentacle. Since then I've had numerous other Pagan tattoos done.
I've been out of the broom closet for what seems like aeons now - the last to know were my parents. I came out to them on Boxing day around 10 years ago or so. They were surprisingly ok with it other than the 'does it entail devil worship?' type questions. I'm pretty sure my mum already knew seeing as I had collected a few hundred books about the topic at hand and they were in plain view. Just over a year ago, I met [again, since I first saw him when I was 8 yrs old] the love of my life - and together we are raising up Morgan with Paganism as the main belief system within our family - although I do plan to expose her to as many faiths as possible so that she can choose her own path eventually.


Mother - Nerd - Pagan

Hi! My name is Rosalind, but most people call me Ros. I'm 27 years old at this moment in time, and was born and raised in Malta. I'm in a relationship with a wonderful man, and have an awesome daughter who is called Morgan - she is a toddler turning on teenager, I swear!

I adore music, and books books books. I'm what you'd call a Bibliophile, and somewhat of an Infornographer as well. I love traveling, body modification and making things.