Wife, Mother, High Priestess

and founder of Poppy's Seeds


My Story

​why hello there

I am a Witch. As far as I remember I have been one all my life. I didn’t always know people like me were called witches. When I was younger I  practiced "my own" spirituality and made up the things I did in that practice. When I got older I read every book in the local library on spirituality and religion and found "Power of the Witch" by Laurie Cabot and found all the stuff I thought I made up and thought was just me was really done by a lot of other people. That was over 20 years ago. Now I practice and teach a form of Wicca that I call the Sovereign Tradition. I have based it on the focus that each Witch is sovereign. Each of us are responsible for our own spiritual path and spiritual growth and each of us should have the ability to conduct any and every part of our spiritual practice. For this reason I do not teach a particular belief system but rather I help people explore and develop their own.  I practice with a coven and I often refer to us as a coven of solitars. Each of us has different views and most of of us have practiced as solitars for at least 10 years. We decided we wanted community and so now we join together for Dark and Full Moons as well as Sabbats. For the Moons we cast the circle together and open it together. For the Sabbats we take turns with the different tasks. Each Member can and does perform different tasks for each circle so that we are really a community and all in this together. In my day-to-day life I am still a kitchen witch, teacher and spiritual counselor. I live my life as a witch, I cook, clean, garden, work and play, under the thought that each action can be done in reverence and that life should be celebrated and enjoyed and magical. Our day to day lives are sacred and should be treated that way.