My Story

Or, how I got to where I am today.

Hello, and welcome to The Pagan Mama! I'm Jennie, a mother of a very active six-year-old boy. I stumbled upon Wicca while I was in college, having been searching for the right fit religiously. As soon as I began reading some books, I felt instantly at home.

That was several years ago. Since that discovery, I have parted ways with Wicca and defined my own path, developing into a kitchen witch over time. I have always been a solitary, but I do sometimes work with others.

I have a voracious appetite for reading, and my book collection is considerable (although it's nothing compared to Ros's!). I usually have a Pagan book and a non-Pagan book on my nightstand. I think that reading is a good way to learn and develop your path.

I'm an avid homebrewer, often weaving magic into my brews. In fact, I love craft beer so much that I'm trying to launch a television show about it! I am also passionate about cooking, painting, and my friends and family. My house is often full of visitors.

I'm currently a stay-at-home mom, although I've had a multi-faceted career, working as a Russian translator, in IT, completing my law degree, and working as a bartender for many, many years. I look at my career as the equivalent of a cat's life and realize that I'm only halfway through it. But enough about me... I want to learn more about YOU!


Mother, witch, homebrewer